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Razor Blades Paperback

Razor Blades Paperback

Enter into the minds of the most dangerous gangs in the city. Razor, the gang's leader, is known for his brutal, cut-throat methods, and cold eyes. His arrogance, getting to the better of him, prevents him from noticing some of his member's evil intentions. Every man in the gang has their role, and it's up to you to determine who is genuinely Razor's right-hand man.




"I absolutely loved this gritty, dirty, savage underground tale of gangland life.

This novel rattles along at breakneck pace, revolving around the underhand, illegal workings of a gang, lead with a bloody, iron fist by the titular Razor. This makes for many compelling situations - how far are they all prepared to go as they attempt to one up each other to stay in Razor's favour or avoid his wrath?

As others have touched upon, I feel like the multiple POV's we get to see as individual gang members get to take the narrative wheel is the novel's real strong point. This style gives us a real sense of how each individual got where they are, what their damage is and what their intentions may be, under the surface narrative. As things heat up and begin to unravel, this gives the sense of watching a car crash through your fingers as you read, knowing everything is set on a collision course, but unable to do anything about it. This really helps to ramp up the tension.

In some ways, this book reminds me a lot of early Tarantino, especially something like Reservoir Dogs. I think this would make a great movie, and is an excellent read." - P. Wilby 


"This is spectacularly gritty, action packed, and dark in very realistic ways. It is suspenseful and starts off quite jarring, which can be a little off putting to some. However, as the story matures, there is a camaraderie between the gang members that explains a lot. I also enjoyed the character development of Razor, as an unlikely romance blossoms between him and a young raven haired woman. This part of the story is touching and reveals a duality to the character that is both tragic and raw. My favorite characters were Brett and Dalton. I identified with their sacrificial natures. This very raw and gritty story about a group of young men in a gang that is on the edge of chaos ultimately ends as tragically as it begins. It is very unique." -Alma

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